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Feuerwehr Spaatz

In 2012, ACCURAT enabled 24 volunteer fire-fighters from the Spaatz local fire brigade to purchase a “new” LT 16/Kat emergency vehicle. Despite being 21 years old (which is very old for a car), the big red ladder-bearing vehicle only had a mileage of 18,000 km, and was in technically flawless condition. Equipped with a booster pump, producing an output of 2,400 litres per minute, the vehicle was then fitted with the necessary features, such as 600 metres of hosing.
The Spaatz fire-fighters had thought about buying a vehicle with this sort of pump in the past, but had no money for it. Thankfully, they then contacted ACCURAT. “We saw that the local fire brigade had no other alternative, so we agreed”, says Dirk Janssen.

This sparked a chain reaction in the town, with Spaatz residents subsequently preparing to establish a funding body.


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